Dr. Bob Hunt gave a great talk on short notice this week, concerning the 501c3 organization founded by he and his wife, Shannon Beach. Through an easy-to-use blog system, you can not only share your story through words but also through vivid pictures and videos. Users may also receive and give comments to followers.
LifExtraordinary has been created by the Hunt family inspired by their collective journey with their son, Hawken Hunt. On August 5, 2016, at the age of seven months, Hawken became the only known infant diagnosed with Burkitt’s Leukemia.

Burkitt’s Leukemia only accounts for 1-2% of all cases of leukemia. This aggressive cancer required an equally aggressive treatment plan with six 21 day treatment cycles. Hawken remained in the hospital for 148 days and during this time received 14 lumbar punctures, 6 aggressive chemotherapy rounds, 13 blood transfusions, 8 platelet transfusions and 4 bone marrow extractions. In January 2017, after close to 5 consecutive months in the hospital, Hawken achieved remission status and returned home.

Through the course of Hawk’s heroic journey, he taught his family daily life lessons. Through his battle, he taught the 3 P’s: P erseverance, the ability to maintain a purpose despite challenges and discouragement; Perspective, the ability to acknowledge life’s importance; and Purpose, the ability to choose a defining life—a life that is defined by the person not by life itself.

While in the hospital, the Hunt family utilized many web based programs, such as a blogging site, a calendar site and a crowdfunding site, that assisted their ordeal, and while helpful, they experienced some difficulties.

One of the most challenging things they faced was they had three different websites providing three different services. Maneuvering between three different sites, while dealing with a life threatening illness with their son, became frustrating for the Hunt family. As a result, they created a comprehensive web based solution to support individuals and families that by choice or circumstance face a Lifextraordinary event. All donations made on this website will go to the Life Extraordinary’s Foundation, a non profit organization created to support families and pediatric cancer research.