Mark E. Porter, Esq.

In 2015, I moved my law office from downtown Cleveland to South Russell, where I live. Since I no longer had a 2 hour daily commute, I had time available to join a local organization that met weekly in the early morning. I looked at a number of options and decided to attend a Chagrin Valley Rotary Club meeting. I liked the energy that filled the room, as well as the feeling of comradery and fellowship. The members were outgoing, friendly, and welcomed me. They also introduced me to the Rotary motto of Service Above Self. They showed that they lived up to the motto through charitable grass roots projects, such as donating their time and money to worthy causes locally, as well as international  causes, such as ending polio world-wide. I was impressed by the members’ dedication to the Rotary principles and to each other. I joined Rotary because it is an organization dedicated to helping others. I remain a Rotarian to continue the good work others began.