Why I am a Rotarian

Mark E. Porter, Esq. – Why I am a Rotarian

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In 2015, I moved my law office from downtown Cleveland to South Russell, where I live. Since I no longer had a 2 hour daily commute, I had time available to join a local organization that met weekly in the early morning. I looked at a number of options and decided to attend a Chagrin Valley Rotary Club meeting. I liked the energy that filled the room, as well as the feeling of comradery [...]

Karen Poccia – Why I am a Rotarian

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I joined Rotary to be more deeply involved in my community. I love the fact that as members, we can identify a need, speak up about it at a meeting, and then that day we'll have a whole network of people and resources ready to help. It's a bunch of people who know how to get things done and want to do good. Diversifying and broadening my friend group is icing on the cake. [...]

Jon Bokovitz – Why I am a Rotarian

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I joined Chagrin Valley Rotary Club in 2011 when former Chagrin Falls Police Chief Jim Brosius invited me to a meeting. As Bainbridge Police Chief, it helps to be surrounded by positive, giving people who care about the community as much as I do.  Rotarians are a reminder that most people are good, and I enjoy the camaraderie of getting together on Tuesday mornings with like-minded men and women. I have been a volunteer [...]

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