Bill O'Neil

During my teaching career at Kenston High School (31 years), I enjoyed the support of various school boards, the administration, parents, students, and colleagues. I have always appreciated this, so by joining the Chagrin Valley Rotary Club, I now have a chance to “give back” to two great communities – Chagrin Falls and Bainbridge/Auburn and their respective school districts. I presently serve on three committees: the disbursement committee which decides what individuals or organizations will receive Rotary funds; the scholarship committee which selects deserving seniors from Chagrin Falls High School, Kenston High School, Auburn Career Center, and Excel Tech for scholarships to further their education; and the Outstanding Teacher Awards which recognizes two teachers from the Chagrin Falls School District and the Kenston School District for their work and dedication to the teaching profession. I am often asked, “Would I be a teacher again?”  The answer has always been, “If I could teach in a district like Kenston, I would in a heartbeat.”