Dear Fellow Rotarians,

In case you couldn’t attend this morning’s meeting I wanted to make you aware of something we’re doing “for one of our own” and invite you to be part of it. Today’s presentation was by The American Cancer Society who told us about the upcoming “Relay For Life” on May 10-11. In this relay teams of people will walk around the Kenston track non-stop for 18 hours to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer. So many of us have been touched by the disease we could all probably walk for someone we know, however as many of you are aware our very own Linda Hein is currently waging her battle with the disease. Knowing this, a number of us decided to put together a team of Chagrin Valley Rotarians and walk for her. Unless you’re brand new to the club I don’t need to tell you how much Linda means to us and what an honor it will be to do this for her. And if you are brand new believe me, you’ll never find a more positive, friendly, helpful, and fun person than Linda.

If you haven’t signed up already I hope you will next Tuesday and join me and the other Rotarians to make this team the biggest, most fun bunch of people on the track! And to MAKE SURE this is the best, most fun experience possible we’ve recruited none other than

Martine Scheuermann to be our Team Captain!!! Martine couldn’t be there this morning because she’s on a West Coast business trip but believe me she’s going to give it the “Martine touch” so you won’t want to miss it. Thanks all in advance, and I look forward to a memorable experience May 10-11.

And Linda, a collective hug goes to you. Our motto is; “we go round and round for you.”

Mark Besand